Ph.D. in Environmental Science, University of Stirling (2018)

M.Sc. in Conservation Science, Imperial College London (2013)

B.A. in Biological Sciences, University of Oxford (2010)


Current role:

Scientist, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Full employment history: --- - 2020-present: Urban Biodiversity Scientist (0.6 FTE), Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, UK | - 2019-2020: Postdoctoral Research Assistant (0.5 FTE), UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, UK | * 2019-2020: Postdoctoral Research Assistant (0.4FTE), University of Stirling, UK * 2010-2012: Academic Researcher, University of Oxford, UK


Featured publication:

Bush, E.R., Whytock, R.C., Bourgeois, S., Bunnefeld, N., Cardoso, A.W., Dikangadissi, J.T., Dimbonda, P., Dimoto, E., Ndong, J.E., Jeffery, K.J., Lehmann, D., Makaga, L., Momboua, B., Momont, L.R.W., Tutin, C.E.G., White, L.J.T., Whittaker, A. and Abernethy, K, 2020. Long-term collapse in fruit availability threatens Central African forest megafauna. Science, 370(6521),

Full list of publications: ---Reviewer for: Journal of Plant Ecology, Biotropica, Biological Conservation, Ecology and Society and PeerJ

Talks and meetings

Featured talk:

Fruit famine and hungry elephants in Central Africa (2021), Oxford Center for Tropical Forests, Oxford, UK, YouTube

Full list of talks and meetings ---

Grants and scholarships

Featured grant:

NERC Growing Roots ‘Engaging the public with environmental science’ (2022)

Full list of grants and scholarships - Growing Roots 'Engaging the public with environmental science' (2022), The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) - £9990 to fund 6 month public engagement project (PI). - COP26 International Climate Change Network grant (2021), The Royal Society of Edinburgh - £9920 to fund 6 month networking project for the African Phenology Network (PI). - Research Grant (2019), National Parks Agency Gabon - £31,533 to fund 12-month (0.5 FTE) PDRA at the University of Stirling (Co-I). - Connect+ grant (2018), University of Stirling - £6150 to fund workshop (Co-I). - Collaborative Impact Studentship (2013) joint funded between University of Stirling and National Parks Agency Gabon (ANPN) - £67,200/4 years stipend + £16,000 training and fieldwork costs. - Tropical Agriculture Association Masters Award (2013) - £1000 fieldwork costs (PI). - Imperial College Conservation Science (ICCS) Project Bursary Award (2013) - £500 fieldwork costs (PI). - Conservation Science MSc Bursary (2012) - £4000 living expenses. - Imperial College London Rector’s Scholarship Fund Masters Award (2012) - £5000 living expenses and fees. - Peoples Trust for Endangered Species Graduate Research Internship (2010) - £6000 fieldwork costs (PI). - Hertford College Academic Scholarship, University of Oxford (2009)